Ministries Outside of Worship and Sunday Mornings

Meal Train: Occasionally we set up what's called a meal train when we know of someone who would be blessed by the church by providing some meals as they recover from a significant event (e.g. surgery, sickness, childbirth, loss, etc). Leader: Kristen Coller

Extended Ministry Fund Board: This ministry administrates our memorials and endowment funds for the benefit of Trinity Lutheran Church and ministries outside of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Scholarship Fund and Committee: This ministry along with the Extended Ministry Fund administrates scholarships to our members who are attending college, Bible school, or seminary.

Congregational Council: Each year we hold elections for the council. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the decisions of the church, this is a position for you.

Good Shepherd Hospital Board and Foundation: Did you know that Trinity Lutheran Church, along with the Lutheran Brotherhood, is one of the original churches to bring a hospital to Hermiston? As such, we hold 4 seats on the Board of Trustees for Good Shepherd Health Care System. It is our Mission to keep the Christian faith alive within our local hospital. It is important to note that the Board is not an operational entity and does not directly deal with any operational issues, but rather acts by appointing and overseeing a president and CEO, establishing policies within which it can act, and establishing a strategic vision and long-range strategies. A single Trustee has no authority to direct or oversee operations of the organization.

 *All Trustees have a board fiduciary role. This means, broadly, to act in the best interest of the organization. Another name for a "fiduciary" is a Trustee.

*Each elected Trustee shall serve for a full term of 3 years and may run for re-election at the end of each term. Trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Board each October.

*Mission: Good Shepherd Health Care System's mission is to improve the health of our community.

*Vision: GSHC will be chosen for responsiveness to community wellness, patient core and strategic relationships.

*Values: Our values are quality, compassion, courtesy and value.

Compassion International Children Support: We support several of these overseas children by sending monetary contributions each month. This ministry is never fully funded and looks to you for support.